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Kylie King is a hypnotherapist, multiple business owner, author, publisher and small business advocate with a passion for empowering others. She acts as a guiding light for her clients, assisting with their mindset and exploration of self, and weaving clarity and confidence into their business journey.

How did my Journey into Self-Publishing Begin?

The Phoenix Within Publishing kicked off after a conversation with my father which I have shared below.

It took me on a journey to learn how to turn my ideas into published works. During this journey, I encountered many successes and faceplants which I have shared openly on my social media and also in my Published course.

Ready to publish your own ideas and achieve the dreams of becoming an author.

Check out my services and use my learnings to avoid any unnecessary setbacks of faceplants.

 My father said to me one day.
“Remember, when you were a kid and you said you wanted to write your own book?”
“Yes,” I responded and the excuses flowed, “I don’t have a publisher.”
“What happens if no one wants to buy a copy?”
“What if its crap?”
“I wouldn’t know where to start.”
“I don’t have the time.”
“I can’t do it around the kids.”
“What am I going to write about?”
“Who’s going to want to read my stuff?”
Etc, etc, etc.

His simple and straight to the point response…
“Have you seen the crap that people write today that is published and sometimes even become best sellers? Any Tom, Dick or Harriet can write a book. It clearly can’t be that hard – so go and do it. What are you waiting for?”

What was I waiting for?
Who cares if no one buys it – I had put my message out into the world. I will have ticked a massive goal off my bucket list.

So I researched, I looked into how I could do this myself.
I got clear on what I wanted to put out into the world.
I procrastinated.
I challenged myself.
I changed my mind.
I threw drafts and even my first proof copy in the bin and started again.

However… I did it!

In just over 3 months, I was holding my final proof copy.

My 90-day gratitude journal was out.

It has sold over 200 copies.

This journal not only has copies in Australia but also in the UK, Romania, Spain, Canada and the Phillipines.

It’s available at the State Library of NSW, the National Library of Australian and for sale at Dymocks.

So, directly from my father’s mouth. “What are you waiting for?”

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