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Meditation vs Hypnosis

I get asked quite often, what is the difference between hypnosis and meditation? And which one do I prefer? I believe both produce great results when applied properly and consistently. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Hypnosis has been around as long as people have roamed the Earth. However, the idea of hypnotism …

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Feeling Funky?

Here are my Top 10 Tips to Boosting your Mood. Lately, I have been feeling low and flat. Not wanting to stay in this funk, I started looking at ways that I could boost my mood. Although it would be nice and a significant mood boost to win the lottery or take a nice vacation …

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I faceplanted into the burnout brick wall – here’s how I recovered.

Job burnout is a real problem. Although it is not officially a medical condition, it was officially declared an “occupational phenomenon” in 2019.  Our brains and body can only handle chronic stress and overwork for a limited time. Stress is a result of the adrenaline response – the “fight or flight” reflex from our caveman …

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What is Hypnotherapy?

A lot of people confuse and conflate stage hypnotism with hypnotherapy. Tabloid sensationalism and media mythmaking has fostered scorn and suspicion by making people think that hypnosis involves making people bark like a dog or being forced to act against their own volition. This is, of course, completely untrue. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy both involve being …

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