"All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. I have experienced Kylie’s gifts through Past Life Regression, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis and as a business coach. Can I just say that I look forward to Friday’s with Kylie. This magnificent lady, opens her heart and generosity, gives of herself willingly and freely, all with a sense of humour and a thoughtful word. Through my past life regression we were able to identify an old block which was in my way of opening further to spirit – considering I’m studying mediumship, channeling and trance, this was a must do. We moved onto timeline therapy and clearing emotions in a different way – I absolutely love trying new modalities – and with great results. As for business, she is a machine – OMG, the ideas, the support, the motivation and she has your back, front and sideways. What more could you ask for! Thanks a million lady guru wonder woman. Love your work and Fridays!"

Tania Sloan

"Last week I had my first group Hypnotherapy session with Kylie King. I highly recommend this session, I was totally relaxed and comfortable throughout the session."

Inga Hickson

"I attended Kylies hypnotherapy at the Salt therapy room at Penrith. Win Win. She guided us through to deep relaxation while in the perfect setting of the salt room. Thank you Kylie."

Sara Baxter

"Kylie is down to earth, compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental and full of wisdom! I was recently privileged to attend one of the first Decluttering the Natural Way Workshops. It was fantastic! A relaxing, safe space helping us to be able 'dump' all the things going on in our head and tap into our sub conscious. I came away feeling lighter, more relaxed and a bunch of written down ideas and helpful thoughts and reflections!! It is definitely something I am going to try and do regularly as I can see it being a beneficial for my business and home life! Bonus you get to enjoy and benefit from a salt therapy session and sit confort in a massage chair whilst you get declutter your mind! Thank you Kylie and Elisa (for the venue) ❤️❤️"

Naomi Pike

"Kylie is amazing. I love her book, been to a hypnotherapist session. I feel totally relaxed. Learned some things to help with anxiety. This lady is approachable, authentic, and the best. Highly recommend her services."

Patrina Carter

"I just experienced my first group hypnotherapy session with Kylie and she is amazing. She has a very calming and comforting nature and the session was very uplifting. Thank you so much!"

Mel Jane

"When first hearing about Kylie’s Hypnotherapy sessions, during a salt therapy session at Salt Therapy Wellness Centre, I was intrigued and unsure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find the session very relaxing and calming, not only to my body but my mind. Kylie has a warm and caring nature that makes you feel extremely comfortable. After the session I felt clearer about my thoughts and energised in moving forward with my day! I highly recommend Kylie’s Hypnotherapy sessions, I look forward to the next one each time!"

Daniela Kupresanin

“I did one of Kylie’s past life regression sessions. I had no idea what to expect, and was completely blown away with the experience! I learnt so much about myself and why I do (and don’t do) things the way I do. I am now more confident in my decisions and am learning to trust myself more. Will definitely be doing more sessions. Highly recommend.”

Rachel Townsend

"Kylie is phenomenal at everything she does. She is such a kind and generous soul who oozes confidence that rubs off on anyone who comes in contact with her. Her hypnotherapy sessions helped me immensely through my postpartum anxiety and I gift many of my clients her gratitude journal! Thank you for everything you do Kylie!"

Jaime Leigh Hawkins

"I have had one on one coaching, Past life regression, Time line therapy and group hypnotherapy with Kylie and I would highly recommend them all. It's time and money well spent for anyone who is wanting to invest to better themselves."

Kate Jen

"I highly recommend Kylie to anyone that experiences self doubt or has confidence issues. She is amazing and has help me out of my comfort zone and teaches you with easy to understand techniques. She is very approachable and makes you feel comfortable and appreciated."

Kristy Moore

"I had recently left a full time position when I began working with Kylie, she helped me realise that it wasn’t me but the old work environment that was stopping me from progressing. She helped me realise my potential and give me a much needed kick up the backside to get it together. She’s encouraging and caring but gives you the push you need, even if you don’t realise it."

Beth Edwards

"Kylie is amazing! She is so kind and caring and supportive. She takes the time to hear you out and gives you encouragement to put your best foot forward. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their business and their life over all."

Vicky Spoleti

“Kylie pushed me out of my comfort zone which has helped immensely with my anxiety. She is kind, caring and brings you back in line when you have self doubt.”

Emma Lee

"I have recently spent some time in the company of this amazing women. Her passion for supporting others shine through and she makes you feel on top of the world. I was blown away highly recommended."

Serena Novelli

"I highly recommend Kylie King - The Phoenix Within for her calm, professional manner and invaluable strategies to overcome self doubt and procrastination from your life."

Mel Trew

"Kylie has Imposter Syndrome in her sights and she will do whatever she can to help others take control of it in their lives. She has a wealth of experience personally with overcoming adversity and that helps her to understand what women are going through. Kylie also has a lot of formal education which gives her a professional approach as well. She has a natural tendency to take action and loves what she talks about - rebuilding confidence, finding strength, and rising like a Phoenix. The pic is of a bracelet she gifted to me and I love the spirit of “Be The Change” and this is what she does to help women."

Jennifer Hamilton

"I highly recommend Kylie, for anybody that experiences self doubt and confidence issues. Kylie is extremely present and her ability to teach in a caring and considerate way helped me to process the information so much more effectively. The knowledge I have now is invaluable. So thank you Kylie."

Sharon Sorenson

"Kylie has a world of knowledge and teaches you things you never knew you needed to know! Her calm and warm nature makes you feel comfortable and appreciated. I highly recommend Kylie to anyone wanting to make a change, needing guidance or just a clearer headspace."

Elisa Kupresanin

"Oh my word, talk about passion! Kylie is simply amazing. She will put you at ease and have you howling with laughter all at the same time. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and really can help you."

Laura Bland

"Kylie was understanding, patient and flexible. She really helped me not only nut out some changes that needed to be made to my business, but also went above and beyond to support me in other areas. Kylie's past life regression work with me proved to be very interesting and insightful. Thank you Kylie! Highly recommend."

Kylie Crambrook

"Kylie is an amazing human who has such an inspirational story and an incredible way to share it. She is so approachable and ready to help. I can not recommend Kylie higher. Her information is not only relevant but practical and so easy to translate into your own life and I feel like I have gained so much from her. Thanks Kylie 😊 Adding i just did her brain decluttering workshop and immediately feel like a weight has been lifted I can’t wait to do more with this incredible lady!"

Simone Griffiths

"Loved the tips and tricks Kylie suggested to get you moving and feel confident within yourself. I also like her real and down to earth attitude. A truly inspiring lady 💕"

Michal Gabriel

"Kylie is an incredible human being, she completely puts you at ease, I've felt extremely comfortable around her and feel like I've known her for years. It's been amazing meeting someone on my wave length, and someone who's made me feel absolutely incredible about myself! 😘 Everyone needs a Kylie in their life!"

Lauren Johnson

"Kylie made me feel at ease straight away with her and as if I'd known her for years. She is hilarious and supportive and encouraging all in one. Her advice and guidance has helped me greatly. Highly recommend."

Claire Bartlett

"Kylie is amazing. I recently did her Published course and within 4 months published 3 books! The support and encouragement you recieve during and after the course is fantastic. Highly recommend Kylie and her course."

Rachel Townsend

"Thank you so much for your Published course.....without it my book would still be a wish rattling around in my brain! Your candid information was right on the money and EXACTLY what I needed to push through that pesky imposter syndrome keeping me from my dream. Thank you."

Sarah Sydir

"Love the decluttering workshops. Such a calming environment where I can get everything out of my head and onto paper."

Adele Jago

"Kylie is so approachable and is such a relaxing person to be around. I instantly feel at ease whenever I am around her. I have not only done 1 of her salt room workshops, but have also been at an Imposter Syndrome presentation she has done and she is absolutely fantastic. I realised that this is such a common thing, yet came out with some great strategies on how to overcome it! I would recommend anyone to at least listen to some podcasts she has been on and make your decision from there. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Kylie for helping me to identify my insecurities and how to have confidence in both my business and personal life."

Sam Collins

"Kylie spoke at our Women in Business Connect - Central Coast group this month. A fabulous talk! Everyone enjoyed the presentation and talk on Imposter Syndrome. She explained it simply and was happy to answer questions. Thank you from us all ❤️"

Janine Hunter

"What can I say, Kylie is HUGELY inspirational. You need to be booking her to speak and help guide you!"

Leona Burton

"Kylie was the speaker at our first MIBA Hills Shire night event this week. She did an awesome job!! Kylie spoke about the imposter syndrome and business confidence. When she speaks you know she is speaking authentically and you stop and listen, she speaks as someone who knows what she is talking about and has experienced them both. This means that everyone sits and listens intently!! her points were so clear and she delivered them with humour. There were so many reflective points for us to go home with. I am so appreciative of Kylie and ALL she does!!"

Larissa Wright

"I heard Kylie speak last night at a Mums In Business event. She was inspirational and had some wonderful, really practical tips for unlocking your confidence from within. She also made me feel very welcome, comfortable and supported as someone in her audience. Can't recommend her highly enough!"

Claire Heenan

"I invited Kylie to speak at a networking event for women who were new to the idea of stepping outside their comfort zone to meet new people and talk about their business. I didn't have to think long enough to know who would be the perfect person for this role as Kylie is the head Coordinator for an international networking association for mums and women in business for Australia and NZ ! Kylie had some great tips for the ladies to take on and help boost confidence within themselves. It wasn't about telling the ladies the usual prep talk on "be confident and make as many contacts as possible" its was diving in deeper and finding the strength and courage to draw on when you need it most. The attendees were blown away by her honesty, her knowledge and had them all walking out with their heads held high, motivated and a fire burning in their bellies to better themselves and their business Thank you for your time and knowledge Kylie, it was an amazing experience working along side you 😉"

Helen Karakostantis

“The gratitude journal from Kylie King – The Phoenix Within has been one of the most helpful tools for me in my journey to being free to be myself! It is absolutely beautifully set out, has really helpful prompts when sometimes it can feel hard to know what to be grateful for. I actually appreciate the no date because I didn’t feel guilty if I missed a day or too and could pick off from where I left but could add the date if I wanted to specifically remember something from that day! The thing I loved most about this journal was the area to celebrate wins/achievements to reflect on the positive things and to remember they didn’t have to be life changing but life giving – things that reminded me of my strengths or the things that reminded I got through the day or the simple reminders my kids would give me like “I love you” or “You are the best mummy” or “Thank you”. It has really helped me in my mindset and it really helps me to put life into perspective and bring a smile to my face. I often so mind in the morning for the day before as it helps me to start the day feeling positive. I seriously want a never ending supply of journals even a 365 day one to get me through the year 😉😊. Thank you Kylie! I may have to purchase a few for Christmas gifts too. I love it, the heart behind it and supporting such a wonderful small business. ❤️”

Naomi Pike

“I love my gratitude journal… I have written daily gratitudes on and off for many years, and EVERY day since September 2015. Your journal has been a fantastic tool for recording. The achievements page is awesome, on those days when you think you haven’t achieved much, this prompts you to acknowledge all the little things that you do get done!! I have just finished my first journal and have my second ready to go.”

Kathryn Hammond

"I've been lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Kylie's book, 'Today, I am Grateful.' Daily affirmations is not something I've done before but thought I would step outside my comfort zone and give it a go. I've been really enjoying completing this each evening and taking pleasure in life's simple pleasures. I strongly encourage you to get your own copy and make it a part of your daily routine."

Emma Warren

“I love my journal and am so grateful for it. I get inspired each and every time I write in it. I also find a lot of communication comes from my guides with it. My daily gratitude practice has lead me to this wonderful space of high vibration, flow, and alignment and I love it.Thank you for this beautiful creation <3″

Shaz Cini