Colouring Away the Burnout Brickwall

Colouring – that’s for kids, right?
I always assumed it was and colouring as an adult always seemed strange to me.
Who had the time to stop and colour in – what’s the point?

As a self-proclaimed hustler – I had no time to sit and colour.
I had three kids to look after, a business to run, a company that was in its starting up phase plus all the other things that I had crammed on my plate – home-schooling, keeping a clean house being a perfect friend, sister, aunty, etc.

The fact that people could sit and do this activity when there were so many other things to do in a day boggled my mind… that was until I faceplanted the burnout wall.

My plate overfilled and instead of asking for help, delegating, or slowing down I went from overwhelm to burnout so quickly and it stopped me in my tracks.
For days I laid on the lounge lost, upset with myself for allowing it to happen and anxious about the activities I would have to catch up on once I was off the lounge again.

That was until my daughters asked me to colour with them.
Once I picked up that crayon and started to colour in with them, I started to feel more present, relaxed, and playful.

So how can colouring help?

  • Stress and anxiety melt away: While you’re engrossed, you’re in a meditative state – a self-induced trance. As the conscious mind takes a back seat, this allows for the act of colouring-in to work its magic. This creative focus and concentration enable you to disconnect from the stress and anxiety of everyday life.
  • Negative Thoughts dissolve: While you’re colouring and undertaking this positive action, negative thoughts don’t get a look in. Having complete freedom to express yourself is an act of joyful creativity. You give love and positivity an open invitation to flood your mind. The negative thoughts that have been living rent-free in your head will be served their eviction notices!
  • Being present in the present: No worrying about the future. No dwelling on the past. What happens is the “now.” Right now, you are feeling joy and peace, and that is enabled by the simple act of colouring in.
  • The pace is slowed: The brain is a thrill-seeking junkie. It loves the instant gratification of the endorphin rush of a phone notification, then, to extend the narcotic metaphor, the comedown hits, making you feel empty and depressed. When combined with the continual onslaught of news, adverts and the loud noises and flashing lights of modern life, your poor brain will be screaming for silence and peace. Colouring-in facilitates such mindful stillness.

I am grateful for faceplanting into that burnout brick wall.
In doing so, I learnt the importance of taking a pause, breathing, and taking a moment for myself while also enjoying the many benefits of colouring. I now take the occasional time to colour with my girls as an indulgent therapeutic plan.

Ready to give colouring a go?
I have self-published my own colouring book which is available to purchase – Click here

2 thoughts on “Colouring Away the Burnout Brickwall”

  1. I reguarly Colour, I have enen been known to stop during a very busy time and colour for 1/2 hour, it just helps me to take time out and refocus my mind. I will be twice as productive when i do this.

  2. I never realised how instantly gratifying colouring in would be!
    My preschooler daughter invited me to join her colouring in and ‘boom’… my inner child was unleashed!

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