Feeling Funky?

Here are my Top 10 Tips to Boosting your Mood.

Lately, I have been feeling low and flat. Not wanting to stay in this funk, I started looking at ways that I could boost my mood. Although it would be nice and a significant mood boost to win the lottery or take a nice vacation away at a beach with a pina colada in hand. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible at this time, so here are some simple and small actionable steps that can result in some big boosts to your mood.

Remember, your mood and the funk you are in are largely a result of your thinking, attitude and physiology. Having a good mood leads to a good day and everyone deserves to have a good day. So, I wanted to ensure these tips were actionable, convenient and accessible.

  1. Hydrate. Nothing can bring a mood down faster like dehydration. If you’re feeling low, try drinking a large glass of water. Many people don’t experience thirst as strongly as others, but the results of dehydration can be obvious. After drinking a large glass of water check in and see how you’re feeling. The results may be surprising.

  2. Try a small piece of chocolate. Although I am a massive caramel enthusiast, chocolate does have a lot of benefits. One being that it lights up the pleasure centers of the brain and not a lot of other food can proclaim that. I’m not saying to eat a stack of it but a little bit of chocolate, can do a lot of good.
    Do you have another food that boosts your mood?

  3. Be grateful. This practice is a favourite of mine (have you seen my gratitude journal?) It’s easy to overlook how much you already have and focus on what you don’t have. Take a moment and make a list (in your head or on a piece of paper) of everything in your life that makes you feel grateful. This is a great way to boost your mood quickly.

  4. Listen to your favorite song. Music can have a powerful impact on your mood. So, skip the sad and slow songs and go for the upbeat and positive noes that you can sing along to and dance. Who doesn’t feel better after listening to their favorite song? Make a playlist of your favorites and keep them somewhere you can access easily when you need a boost.

  5. Get a hug. I love hugs with my girls, and I have found this to be a good mood booster! A hug releases endorphin which makes you feel wonderful. Most of the time hugs are rarely refused and better yet they’re free. Just make sure you ask before because not everyone is a hugger and may find it inappropriate if you randomly lock arm around them.

  6. Take a walk. A walk can be a great way to clear your mind. If you want to give your mood an even bigger boost, try skipping. When was the last time you skipped? Walking is a great group activity so take the kids out or walk along with a friend.

  7. Remember a positive memory. Think back to a time that you greatly enjoyed. You know one that makes you laugh as soon as you think about it or it brings a smile to your face. Try to relive it in your mind. Remember what you saw, but also remember the smells, air temperature, sounds, and emotions. Make it as realistic as you can.

  8. Slow, deep breaths. One way to affect your physiology is to change your breathing pattern. Slow, deep breaths will fully oxygenate your blood, slow your pulse, and put your mind at ease.
    I have found a box breath to be very useful.
    Breath in – 1, 2, 3, 4
    Hold – 1, 2, 3, 4
    Breath out – 1, 2, 3, 4
    Hold – 1, 2, 3, 4

  9. Chew gum. Gum is a great way to redirect your attention to the present. You’re actively chewing and also experience a unique flavor in your mouth. Chewing gum is fun, too. My father used to always tell me not to swallow it so make sure you dispose of it properly when you’re done.

  10. Sing. I sing songs with my girls as much as I can. Even making up some random ones along the way. So, I dare you. Sing a happy song. Sing a silly song. Sing your favorite song. Get someone to sing with you. Sing along with your favorite song. Singing feels good and will pump up your mood.

Remember, you have the ability to control your mood effectively and intentionally by means that are under your control. Don’t allow your mood to by other people, your circumstances or luck.

Think about what makes you have fun and feel less funky and do it or better yet schedule it into your day so no matter what happens – you know you have a mood boost scheduled in to turn your day around.

Have I missed something on the list?
What is something you do to boost your mood when you are feeling funky?