Past Life Regression FAQ

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Why would I want to do a past life regression?
Clients come to see me for a variety of reasons. Many people have an issue that does not resolve no matter how sincerely they work on it, and they wonder if the issue is related to a past life. Some clients wonder about the basis of relationships, or their attraction to a particular place. Others get in contact with me to know more about their purpose in life. And some clients are just curious and open to what the universe will reveal to them!


How do I know I’m not just making up a story?
Trusting the process is an integral part of this session. It is important to suspend judgment during and after a past life regression. In other words, don’t go there! Whether the events are literally true is not the important thing. Personally, I believe that we incarnate many times and in some circumstances, it is possible to verify events. During this session, the information comes from within you, and the process may help you move forward with more understanding and clarity than before. In addition, many people experience physical or emotional healing as a result of past life work.

Will I remember the session?
Yes, in most cases you will. Many people will continue to receive more information during the following two or three days.

Which is a better option — a group session or a private session?
Group past life regressions
work well for people who are comfortable or experienced with hypnosis, meditation, or other processes that work with different levels of the mind. These sessions are also a nice introduction for people who are curious about their past lives and are not intending to address a deep or difficult issue. And of course, group sessions are less expensive than private sessions. However, in a group setting I have to keep the process very general and cannot give specific guidance to any individual. At the end of the session, I allow for group sharing as well as being available for private questions. I currently hold face to face sessions with a maximum of 8 people per session however, I will be looking at offering these sessions via Zoom. This gives attendees a chance to be comfortable in their own space, and any sounds from other participants are muted.

Private sessions are recommended for people who are seriously working on transformation, particularly during the early stages, and for those who are working on a deep issue. (And some people just prefer more privacy!)
In a private session, I can focus my attention entirely on the client and ask questions that relate directly to what the client is experiencing. Most people, regardless of their experience level, will receive far more information with an individual session. Due to this private sessions are usually more effective. Zoom private sessions offer the same experience as an in-person session, and many people find it easier to relax in the comfort of their own space.

Are private sessions recorded?
I do allow the face-to-face sessions to be recorded on your phone and if we are working on Zoom, I can give you permission to record. Many clients speak very quietly, and some take a while to respond to questions. I prefer to be completely present for the client so I do write everything down and will review the session afterward once the client is out of trance.


Are the sessions confidential?
Yes! I do not reveal the names of my clients, and all sessions are confidential unless my client asks me in writing to discuss a session with a third party. Some clients give permission for me to share their stories which I will start to share on my website, during interviews, etc. In these cases, I share the stories but keep the client’s identity confidential.

Ready to book in a session?
Group sessions are listed on my Facebook page under events and you can book in a private session via the contact form