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Your Wait Is Finally Over…

The Most Comprehensive, Tried-And-Tested Published Course Is Opening Doors Again!

Giving you an opportunity to discover the entire step-by-step system you need to
self-publish any book with sheer confidence, and break free from the imposter syndrome after exciting, and value-packed 4 weeks.

Here’s the dreaded ‘I aspire to become a self-published author but I don’t have the confidence to publish my own book’ excuse…

Yes, you might be diffident, but that can be changed!


The daunting doubts that are holding you back from publishing your book, and turning your passion into a sustainable income source as a writer are these:

  • Am I good enough to publish my ideas?
  • How will I manage to attract desired endorsements?
  • Will anyone really purchase my book?
  • What if my book doesn’t deliver the results I wish for?


Sounds familiar?


If you’ve been thinking about any one of the above, then you’re getting yourself stuck in the slow-burning trap of what we call ”imposter syndrome”.


Or even if you have confidence, but the lack of time has limited you into believing that becoming an author and self-publishing a book isn’t for you…


Or maybe you’re struggling to pinpoint which steps you should take, and have no idea where to start…


And to make things worse, the swirling nightmare of information quicksand, and confusing resources on the internet regarding self-publishing, are setting you even more astray.


Well, I’m here to tell you that after this actionable, easy-to-follow Published Course, you’ll be empowered to start self-publishing your book and hold your first copy proof in no time.


Why am I so confident?

Because I’ve done it myself. In fact, I’ve taught the same tried-and-tested techniques to help dozens of my students catapult their chances to effectively self-publish and promote their books time and time again.

I started this course because I had the time and I figured, at least I’ll have the information IF I want to write a book in 20 years time. Within the first 2 sessions I found a why and what kind of book I wanted to do and because of the format and delivery I was able to zoom in with laser focus so that by the end of the course I had most of it written, cover designed and photographer booked. All of this thanks to Kylie King who really knows her stuff and is brilliant at delivery. I highly recommend this course, even if you’re not planning on writing anything now…it will definitely point you in the right direction.”

Taraneh Misagh

Auntie May's Kitchen

I have had this little journal idea floating around for SUCH a long time….but I had absolutely no idea where to start! Once I began the course I was quickly able to gain the confidence and the skills to smash it all out so fast. Not only that, I was inspired to release an ebook AND have another book on the way. I have more than made up for the small investment this course cost me…..but the kick it gave me is priceless.”

Sarah Sydir

The Aligned Hustler

This course was awesome. The idea i have been wanting to do but didnt know where to start is now coming to fruition. I am almost ready to order my proof copy. Thank you so much Kylie.”

Rachel Townsend

Secretarial Online


Published Course

This revolutionary, 4-weeks online course is designed to provide you with a complete roadmap on how you can self-publish any book confidently, and fearlessly while freeing yourself from the hassles of chasing after publishers, and agents. 

During this goal-oriented course, you’ll be guided by me as I intend to teach you first-hand my best-kept, proven strategies to help you gain clarity on the book layout, overcome procrastination, accelerate your ascent upward as a successful self-publisher, and much more.

You’ll also get free access to my brand-new additional resources, and the ”imposter syndrome” course that I’ve included for the first time for this batch. (More on this later) 


“Wondering Who’s The Inspiration Behind this Program?”


Hi! I’m Kylie – founder of The Phoenix Within Publishing, #1 Best-Selling author, motivational speaker, certified coach and hypnotherapist, and a Mum to three amazing girls.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with empowering people to reignite their purpose, attain their fullest potential, and stay ahead of their personal, and professional goals.

I’ve built my reputation as the winner of several prestigious awards, and published author of ”Today, I’m Grateful” that sold over 200 copies and is available for sale in many renowned countries including Australia, Romania, Spain, Canada, Philippines, and the UK.

One more achievement…

I now help aspiring authors just like you to learn how to amp up their self-publishing game tremendously and turn out to their own top-selling books through my ground-breaking Published Course.

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Things You’ll Get Inside This Incredible Course:

✔ Downloadable videos to watch on-demand that will take you from basic to the depths of self-publishing while making your process as enjoyable as possible 

✔ Top-performing strategies to give you a crystal-clear understanding of book layout so they look more enticing in any publishing format

✔ The ‘sure-fire’ secret to turning your idea into a product that will have your audience sweep off their feet to read it and eagerly get sold

✔ How to market, and promote your book the right way, so you can rack up more sales, and make your life far more fulfilling with the continual flow of passive royalty income

✔ Live training sessions that will make it practically fool-proof to become dramatically good in self-publishing prowess, feel tons more confident, and make huge strides in your career

✔ How to tackle procrastination so it doesn’t cripple your possibilities to scale as the most sought-after author 

✔ How to create #1 Best-Selling author title to grab the attention of your audience fast, and make your book stand out in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace

✔ Instant access to my all-new, million-dollar resource vault (the super-effective tips on writing, editing, ISBN ownership, press releases, and more…)

✔ The rare opportunity to become part of my helpful and like-minded Facebook community that’s always ready to resolve your problems and answer your questions on a priority.

✔ And much, much more!

So, What Are You Waiting For…?

If you’re ready to get the entire step-by-step system (tools, resources, tricks, information, literally everything) you need to turn yourself into a know-it-all of self-publishing any book with sheer confidence then this Published Course is for you.

The Value of This Program Is Over $3,000

But you see, I’m on a mission to help as many aspiring authors to relish all the benefits that come with successfully self-publishing their books – high-profit margins, passive income stream, satisfaction and recognition as a best-selling published author, and a lot more.

So, I’ve decided to offer you this course at a CRAZY massive discount.

I’m not going to charge you $3000… not even $2000…

If you thought $1000 was a fair price, well me too. 

After all, the information, and tools you’ll discover inside this course are the culmination of my hard work over 10 years of experience and will incredibly help you to self-publish any book while taking all the guesswork and stress off your shoulders.

But you won’t pay this either.

Or even $500…

For a limited time only, you can get lifetime access to this incredible course at an insanely one-time low price of just $197.

Yep. Seriously. ⁠

That’s a total steal, and you’d not want to miss out on this! 

But Wait… There’s More… Much More!!

If you respond right now, I will add something unbelievable to the offer…

Not only will you get unlimited access to this game-changing course, but you’ll also get the following bonus to make things even easier.


Special Bonus: The Imposter Syndrome Course

I understand one of the biggest challenges for writers can be to overcome imposter syndrome. This bonus course will make it simple to understand all the possible ways to rid yourself of the imposter syndrome, and come out as a thriving, and in-demand author you always desired. 

Even though this course sells for $300, you can get it for free if you choose to give a Published Course a risk-free try today.

It simply can’t get any better, right?

Here’s just a small catch, though…

Spots are filling fast, and only limited seats are available to take advantage of this offer at a ridiculous bargain. Once they’re gone, THEY ARE GONE for good.

So, don’t miss out and get access to this course today. 

You have got nothing to LOSE and everything to GAIN!

I’m offering a 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee on this course. So, if you carefully go through all the material, apply all the techniques and still, it doesn’t help you to overcome the stumbling blocks to self-publishing your own book, then I’ll refund your money. No Questions Asked.

This means that I’ve taken all the risks upon myself and made this course a completely No-Brainer for you.

So, don’t miss out and get access to this Published Course today and have ALL the tools, resources, knowledge, downloadable videos right at your fingertips to self-publish any book, and enhance your career like a pro.

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