DIY Self-Publishing

Published Course

Self-publishing a book, and figuring out essential prerequisites to make the best out of it can be anything but easy. That’s where I help.

I have put together a 4-weeks, most comprehensive published Course that you can leverage to put yourself on the fast track to self-publishing any book and drive your ideas closer to the best-selling copies you’ve dreamed of.

Inside this course, you’ll learn:
✔ In-depth understanding of book layout
✔ The proven techniques to self-publishing book that get you results
✔ Marketing your books like a pro
✔ Crafting that #1 top-selling author title
✔ How to break free from impostor syndrome
✔ And much more!

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Self-publishing assistance service

We’ll Help

Do you often get inspired, and fascinated to turn your breakthrough idea into a consistent, revenue-generating book but time constraints hold you back?

My premium, 100% Done For You service is all about helping you complete a powerful book that stays true to your vision while making your self-publishing journey stress-free, and easier than you may think.

Here’s how I achieve that in 3 simple steps:

  1. With one-on-one chat, I understand your idea in great depth and professionally turn it into a book that’ll reflect your unique, authentic voice.
  2. Then I do all the heavy lifting for you – from designing, editing, and publishing to even marketing 
  3. Finally, you achieve your dream of becoming an in-demand self-published author and boost your revenues while retaining 100% book ownership

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Book Collaboration service

Collaborative Book

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy all the perks of becoming a published author without having to worry about publishing your own book?

We offer flexible Team Effort service – You’d never stress over completing your book. Our collaborative books help you achieve your long-awaited dream alongside a community of like-minded people.

With us, you relish the convenience of publishing even a single chapter. So that you can boost your revenues, authority, and build iconic credibility on autopilot. 

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